August FSOM - Territory Control


August FSOM - TC

Hang onto your tents player killers, because this month we’re playing a few rounds of territory control! :hushed:


  21:00 UTC

Territory Control

The event will be held on the first Saturday of August (Aug 6th) at 21:00 UTC

Both teams are open for everyone, so choose your side carefully. Teams are first come first serve!

Sign up to join this event by replying below with your ingame name and whether you want to be on Red team or Blue team.

The event gamemode will automatically kick anyone who is not signed up.

You will only be able to join the team you sign up for.

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:newspaper: News Team
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sign me up

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Wish I could make it, but I’m busy that weekend! :sleepy:

Please take pics!

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sign me up as red
ign: [BTK]LastKiller

Sign me up
ign: |5th|StarDust
Red Team

count on me for red

teams updated

red: 4
Blue: 0

what team?


teams updated


Sign up now for a guaranteed spot in the event

event starts this saturday at 2100 UTC. sign ups still open

Sue, red

aloha registeRed vs everyone?

Sign me up
ign: |5th|RyoDan
Red Team

Teams update

Here the link for anyone able to join however I won’t be able to make it as my isp is having an unexpected outage