Aug 31, 2016: server is back @

the server is running again at or

let us know if there are any issues


Yay!! :smiley:


Oh happy day!!

Cool :smiley:


I was timed out and unable to get back on today at 1:10pm PST
after only about 10 minutes of gameplay

have you had problems recently, Pun?

I tried a few weeks ago. Unplayable.

The spawn rates are still bad but I don’t expect anything more than the machine is capable of. Aside from that I’m not getting any server lag any more. I have no idea how the server would handle 5+ people. Last time it turned in to lag city.

The server has been running for a while but maintenance is pretty much ded atm


I wouldn’t bother with it, it’s FUBAR and needs a new map atm

still default port

map can be viewed at

I know in the past when we ran it off the aloha machine it did not keep up, I could look into updating but it’s pretty much as good as it’s gonna get optimization wise. It’s (supposedly) even better than a vanilla setup…

I’ll see what I can do in the following weeks

we’re moving to a new machine soon with a faster CPU and disk drive, so that might help reduce the lag…

Hopefully :slight_smile:

Are you using an SSD?

not right now, but we will be after the move


Out of curiosity where is the forum that did a vote for mods for mc?