ATTN - Froe et al: Serious Server Security Issue

As you may have heard mentioned the quaint and rustic Shoodog Projects, run by SuperDog46 and myself, have lost many villagers recently. Some even vanished from sealed rooms. This is not acceptable and we must openly discuss the ramifications. This could be the end of the world we “live” in.

When we lost villagers we found these the next morning:
12 villagers vanished.

7 villagers vanished.

3 villagers vanished.

The problem is obvious, as addressed in Mojang’s bug track MC-7431277: Alien Abductions

We must immediately start construction of the Survival Dome:

Or what’s next? Cattle mutilations? Creeper beheadings?
Or this may be the next face you see when you login?




Good riddance. That’s what I say.


I will assist in the construction of this dome to repel and deter further extraterrestrial assaults.

Conspiracies that’s all it is, trust me :wink: ;D

aliens wouldn’t want some dumb villagers anyways…they’d want…YOU!!!

(haha nice prank, never would have thought of this in a million years:)

I have to see it most of the time :o MrSnowyOwlnub, this is a pretty good picture of you. :wink:

…that’s because you’d be dead.

Lol I thought that was you xD

I have not seen any more of these guys since we went online, have you? ::slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL, it figures the aliens would be using pirated software!