Arena is slowly dying that goes for even top 10 it’s also stagnating and not used as it’s original purpose.
Well I have a way to fix the situation.

All map become Aloha New&Rotation map
On this server there is 10 map of 10 round like on top 10 but the twist is that they are new map.
New maps stay for at least a week even if new maps should appear on it they are instead queued. They are replaced in order of oldest to newest if the server has no new maps for a week the server keeps the 5 latest new maps and the other 5 slots are used to start a rotation of the old maps. Yes I realise that this mean some maps are not played but I believe this will get many players since they are new maps. At least half of the community is tired of playing the same old maps. I know however that some of our favorite maps won’t be played but it can always get voted for the top 10.

Arena top 10 regain it’s original purpose of being top 10.
This mean we go back to have a proper and well organized threads that is stickied each week and the rotation change base on 10 map vote per IP. The poll reset and is updated with new maps every week if it’s too much it can be each two week or each month. But at least it’s regain it’s original purpose.

Edit: when the sticky is made have a message spammed on top 10 server that say vote at

I’m simply trying to revive it to it’s former glory. People won’t go on all maps because it’s empty and they have to wait too long to play the maps they like. With new maps they will not know the map and it might feels like a new experience. Which may help the community grow again and I would probably enjoy making maps again.

top top new top all and if it come to worst top top new top top all

cs maps should not be on this server since cs has it’s own server
top should be voted monthly
maps in top are temporarily removed from all
new maps are there for at least one week eventually they get placed in all

as discussed in IRC, it might be worth a try to change the all maps rotation to something like:

map from “top 10”
map from “top 10”
new map from a list of the last 10 newest maps
map from “top 10”
any map

another suggestion is a “new maps” server that has the last 10 newest maps in rotation.

eh original idea was to merge both arena server there is no point in having top maps in it otherwise. if we keep top it’s most likely going to stay dead because why play on an empty server full of the same map when you can play on a full server

Edit: to add to this as said in irc most of the server are empty if we want the community to grow again we should fill few server and then if it grow expand again

anyway it’s worth a try

If you mean aloha arena all maps server, then it’s true.
If you mean aloha arena top 10 maps server, the server is alive, i don’t know how did you come up with this.

This may be a good idea if you do those steps:

  1. Ask people what map they want to be added or make a poll
  2. Reconsider, which maps should be leaved out of the top 10 (It will be a hard decision, since prisonbreak, planeassault and generator2 are maps offering a great gameplay experience and are built well especially for arena)

Yes I’d like to see a few new maps too in the arena, maybe abandonedstronghold or swamparena.

I could tell you a completely different story about the top 10 maps. When the top 10 maps were reconstructed to a form of top 25 maps, not a small part of the community was revolted by this move.
“Our favourite maps” - tell me which maps are the maps that people want most, I’d really like to know exactly which of the maps seem to you as good maps.

Well that’s really a vague thought. I can’t reply this because it’s rather confusing.


It’s not about reviving the former glory, it’s only your opinion, you didn’t even ask people about what they want. Do they really want that radical change of maps rotation? And I am also talking about the old community - they don’t want it either or they are gone since long time ago.