Arena Top 10 Revamp!

We have made changes to Ace of Spades’ favorite arena server with a lot of exciting new maps filled with fast paced action, more balanced maps to ensure fair play while mantaining your favorite maps from the previous rotation!!

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looks nice

Nice! Not an arena player myself but I will definitely check it out for these new maps, they look great.

those screen shots make me want to play

The new Arena 10 top rotation sucks, I’m sorry, but you removed maps that didn’t have to be removed and added worse maps, like “Arena Gen”, the worst map I’ve ever seen. Many players are complaining about the new rotation and you should take our comments into account.

Feedback is always good- what’d be the best arena10 rotation in your opinion?

Ferrari Flunker, the previous rotation, however with the removal of the map with the black fog and the removal of the generator2 map. In place of these two removed maps, you could add two of the maps from the post in the image above. I suggest the two black maps in the image above, I don’t know the name.

That was the basics that needed to be done.

I like how symetrical and balanced the maps are but i understand some people don’t like balanced maps. After all its is much easier to play on a map where blue side has absolute advantage over green side. This was my issue with Top10 before. The maps were pretty unbalanced when it came to rush paths and things like that. If you weren’t in the right team, rushing was not an option and you had to camp and eventually get trapped in a cage. I like these new maps and look forward to play more on Top10.

This is basically the reasoning on why most of the previous maps were removed. They were highly unbalanced and offered one sided matches most of the time. I know veteran players in arena know their workarounds on these type of maps but honestly that shouldn’t be the case when the map is naturally unbalanced.

To fix these problems we’ve tested a ton of maps in the last two months that offered equal opportunities to both teams.

I understand your concerns and I’m gonna give my reasoning on why some maps were removed:

  • Facingworldsarena: Black fog automatically gives advantage to the blue team as they are hard to see alongside making green team easy to see. I’ve tried reseting the fog but players complained that it was too bright as the color scheme of that map is not suitable for lighter fogs. Map on terms of terrain is balanced but needs a color rework to avoid the issues mentioned above.
  • Generator2: Balanced map, but wasn’t as popular as the rest of the maps, which is why it got swapped out by sixhouses.
  • prisionbreak: Unbalanced, big map that takes quite some time to finish.
  • abandonedstronghold: primitive and symmetrical according to feedback we gathered.
  • blueresort: Highly unbalanced map that offers almost guaranteed victory for the blue team due to spawn positioning, also blue team were able to throw nades directly above green team spawn from their spawn at the beginning of the match.
  • rigreloaded: Highly unbalanced map that offers blue team highground, while blocking green team from coming on high floors due to grenade spam from blue spawn.

Current rotation is not definitive and it’s subject to change according to feedback we gather. Be aware that not every map will suit your play-style but it might do to others.

Fair play and equal opportunities is something we really strive for and that was our main goal for this new rotation alongside keeping it fun and entertaining.

Best regards

I could have worded that better, excuse my 2 a.m. writing skills. I also forgot to mention (if it wasn’t too obvious) that some maps were removed because balanced maps are easy to replace with new maps that help keep the experience fresh.

I like the new rotation, but the map that consists of only one room with a small pillar in the middle is pretty much unplayable. Everyone just chooses smg and sprays the shit out of the spawns straight away. Not quite sure why someone would think, that that was a good idea. Maby in a 1v1 but not in classic arena

Thanks for the feedback. After looking through our logs I’ve noticed that arenagen hasn’t been well received by the community. I’m thinking of bringing back abandonedstronghold to replace arenagen by the end of today if possible, otherwise it would have to get done by the weekend.

Thanks once again.

Hello, I am here to propose a map that we created recently with ZhAiTaN,

It’s a top10 style arena map that I liked a lot, I recently tried it in an online game with players, and it seems that people liked it,

It’s pretty good because you can rush or play tactical camping,

Pretty good map that could be given a chance in the future in the rotation, what do you think?

I’ll leave you pictures of the map,

I should change it for the map arenagen that people seems do not like the map,

I’ll probably be putting it in top10 to see if more people like the map, in case anyone wants to try it out on their own,

That’s all,


what is the name of the map? looks good, i would like to put it in top10 to play it

The name is crazyprison,


Hey everyone! Thanks for all the suggestions and feedback made lately regarding the revamp of Arena Top 10. I’ve tested maps such as crazyprison and blueresort_2 that unfortunately have some flaws in the core gameplay of arena, which means that abandonedstronghold is making a comeback replacing arenagen in this new rotation update.

Big thanks to @Darion for helping fix and balance blueresort. It is still a work in progress so there is a long way of trial and error before that map comes back.

If you still have any suggestions or comments on the rotation feel free to reply on this thread or join us in our Discord!

I want to make a proposal, I would love for you to take the “boarding” map of the top 10
there is no balance on that map
The map has more advantage for the blue ones, also the space to move in the green ones is very small

Before I re-evaluate abordage’s balance, do you have any other maps in mind to replace it in case abordage doesn’t meet our criterion?