Arena Suggestions

I have a few suggestions for the team to look at. First of all we will talk about Aloha Last team standing,Indiaarena there is a BIG problem. Most people know about the “glitch” to jump 4-5 blocks high which i could care less about until it becomes UNFAIR. If you are on blue,you have access to use the glitch by the base and jump up to the top of the buildings and roam free on the tops and outer walls. Green however does not have the access to do that therefore most of the time they lose. I feel either both teams get access to roof area or close off blue access to roof area or fix glitch from jumping 3-4 bricks high. In Facingworldsaena people were using the jump glitch (which has been resolved by usabzeke)to jump over the walls but both teams could do it so no issue there. In ALL MAPS under lastteamstanding, the spade someone through the wall trick is used often. its a glitch in the system not a hack of any kind. Alot of votekicking for that goes on. I personally think its funny since everyone can do it but not all know about it. Next is the airplane! alot of people enjoy the airplane as do i but see that if you are blue you have access to the wings immediately after you get upstairs.Green you tend to have to fight your way through the grenades, bullets, and opponents to get out there. Next my favorite, mini deck arena, the only issue really is no access out of blue lava pit. Me personally i say make a way down /out besides falling or make it where if you do fall down there your dead with no bricks at bottom to stand on you just land in lava. probably same for green lava pit. everyone complains about AVstorage being too small which i agree, biggest problem being that your teammates and yourself are getting into one anothers line of fire and cant see around /through them but maybe thats the way its supposed to be i dont know.The last one (dont know name of) the one that has the streets and buildings, the blue team can jump/glitch their way to top of the building they spawn from to the top way unfair advantage for green. Well im sure i forgot something but in all thats about it. hope this helps out on some issues and hope some will get resolved and once again thanks for a great game play of maps !

the high jump and walk through wall problems are glitches in pyspades and/or the client and probably related. there’s not much we can do about it until an official fix is released except block off known problematic areas, which we’ve been doing but people keep finding new spots so please describe the problematic areas in detail as you find them. i’ll get them blocked when i have time and if i can find them. :wink: or you’re welcome to do it: save the map before the gates break then use VOXED to block off the areas, repaint each gate’s blocks the exact same color, save the map, and upload it here. repainting the gate’s blocks is critical otherwise they won’t break when the round starts.

we should leave planeassault’s quick access to wings problem to Serious_Sim as it’s his map and that’s a design issue more than anything else.

the problems we need to fix are:


  • can jump to roof near blue spawn (needs roof above walls)


  • camping in blue/green lava pits (i say remove bottom blocks)


  • blue can jump to top of building they spawn in

I was on pinpoint and someone showed me how to jump more than 2 blocks.
Apparently, it’s a glitch caused by the /fly command.

So…get rid of the /fly command? -_-

Isn’t the fly command a real command but usually only admins use it if they need to?

ok indiaarena, minideckarena, and ambassyarena have been updated to fix those problems. also rigreloaded has been added to the rotation.

ambassy arena needs fixing still. when the countdown starts 5…4…3…2…1 between 2 and 1 i believe you switch weapons and maybe jump and it puts you on the second floor automatically. I would fix it but never made a map. I did ctl pntscr before the blocks broke and turned it into a vxl but it wont load in pyspades when i change mode to arena ctf ct in the config. i think your supposed to use voxed but that thing is a piece of junk. Do you need a special script to run a arena type of map?? too bad i cant just blockit up ingame. suggestions hints tricks or just have drebbel do it LOL sorry to volunteer u drebbel.

i removed the second floor from ambassyarena, let me know if people can still get to the top

I actually was there with mojo and saw someone do the glitch. I didn’t even know it was a glitch.