Arena Server Glitching.. The server itself is glitched

Games won’t start on Arena. I’m not sure what the problem is, obviously something internal; but the server just needs to be restarted, that should fix it.

No admins are responding to me though when I do /admin

Edit: The problem is ID #32 is getting on the server, henceforth, the server doesn’t process anything :stuck_out_tongue: So it just needs to be restarted, I guess izzy is the only one who can do that.

If no one is responding to /admin try going on the irc and slapping some admins :stuck_out_tongue: #aloha

yes we are aware - thanks

How long has it been that way?

just a few hours but the server has since been updated and restarted, it’s fixed now

Be careful with that, I was once kicked on IRC for excessive slapping. But in my defense, at the time i didn’t know they notified people with noise.

* Reki slaps Q.
* Reki quits.

What is Q anyways?
Somesort of bot?

Thought so,
[DELTA]Big Jim Slaps Reki*
[DELTA]Big Jim Slaps MojoBucketheaD*
[DELTA]Big Jim Slaps Izzy*
[DELTA]Big Jim Slaps PXYC*
[DELTA]Big Jim Slaps HotK*
[DELTA]Big Jim Slaps ShowBoat*
[DELTA]Big Jim Disconnected
PXYC Kicked[DELTA]Big Jim