Arena Grenade Spam

If any of you have played Arena recently on one of the smaller maps, you would know about the grenade spam. It’s pretty bad, especially on maps like planeassault or facingworlds, where things are tight. Really, I think grenades should be disabled altogether. I feel like the game would improve by a lot.

It would be interesting to play without having to hang at spawn for fear of nades.

I only think we should disable them on smaller maps like Planeassault. When blues try to run outside you get a wave of grenades and sucks to die sooo early. We also need to some how on Planeassault make it even a bit more because blues run outside and greens can’t because blues are closer! Maybe an exit door out to the flag behind them??

i’d rather significantly reduce their damage than disable them completely, so that they still hurt but can’t kill alone. thoughts?

I agree with that, Izzy. Removing the grenades would be somewhat disappointing, and it would be hard to get out of a sticky situation.

I suppose.

Agree on needing something to be done, but I also don’t want grenades out entirely.
Arena IS supposed to be fast paced, and if it turns to a sniper standoff situation, grenades resolve the matter quickly.

I agree with izzy, the damage should be toned down a bit.

Ima try to write a script for this.

I completely disagree. Grenades are necessary to combat inferior spawnpoints (most notably green’s spawn on Planeassault), as well as lengthen matches by predicting rushes that would otherwise be devastating to the opposing team. It is a tactic that I would hate to see disappear. Then again, it would be interesting to see how gameplay reacts to an adjustment. Perhaps we could have a trial period?

nade damage has been significantly reduced, so a fully healed person will now die by 2 to 3 nearby nades rather than 1. spade damage has also been reduced; 3 hits are required to kill a fully healed person, 2 hits if he’s missing any damage at all. please try it then share your thoughts.

I am liking it so far… I agree with the idea that we only reduce damage not take all of the grenades away.

I didn’t notice a difference to be honest. But I did notice I didn’t die as frequently. lol. Maybe I am just getting better.