April Fooled

BR played a “fleeing intel” trick on Tower of Babel players:

Danke’s trick was more subtle:


I got a kick out of both of those, good job guys.

BR’s prank reminds me of a scene from the movie angles in the outfield.

Thank you very much for the clip. I laughed very hard and I better stop watching it.

That was me recording.

haha, awesome!

Haha that is hilarious! I wish I was ingame to see the peoples reaction :D.

Alot of players yelled “INTEL HAX”

Lol, Kudos to you.

Funny stuff!

iz you missed my “ban appeal”

Wow, and I thought I had disconnected and the intel was just lagging out.


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y u no hav gud pranks

As someone who excels in sincerity, serenity, and servility, I’m afraid violence is the best prank I have to offer.

Pranksters 2016.