Apply to play on the AlohaCraft server today!

Incase you didn’t know already, aloha runs a whitelisted Minecraft server that you can apply to play on!

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The server is currently running 1.19.3 and is a mostly vanilla SMP server that’s focused on building! The last map reset was Christmas 2021 and it’ll be a while before the next one.

Check out a few of the current builds/bases from our community:

@CaptainCake and @CryloRen’s beautiful seaside base

@SovietPigeon and @A_Frail_Old_Man’s totally not overkill pumpkin farm

@DemonDestroyer’s massive wall, photobombed by llamas

:musical_note: Won’t you take-me-to. Monky townnnnn :notes: @crazymonky’s MonkyTown

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should have also posted your lake ferrari

You mean this one? :yum: