Apply to be admin?

Hi Aloha-ers:

I’m just wondering if it is possible to apply to admin the aloha servers. I think I would be a valuable asset, especially on the counterstrike server, as that is where I frequent, and it is often exploited by glitchers. I’m mature–23 years old–, play clean, and would just like to see the server cleaned up. Can anybody point me in the right direction? If any of you recognize me from that server, my IGN is BUZZKILL.

Thanks so much.

There’s a board for this:

Click the only topic you see there and follow instructions.

When an admin has read your application, you will be contacted via Private Message.

And when an admin has observed you ingame and on the forums, then you will get a reply.

And be patient, I applied on April 03, I didn’t get a reply until June 27.

It can even take longer.

I applied around May 20th, still don’t have a reply, so like the prior post, takes forever. But that just means they are doing their job selecting good people.

Apologies for the fact that it can take a while. You have no idea how many applications we receive per day, and we like to give everybody a fair chance. You can imagine checking out candidates can take time, while we all have to do that in our spare time. Bear with us, everyone gets a message in the end.

I believe it. I don’t remember the game, But I once waited 7 months for a reply when I was alot younger. But like you said, takes time to check out everyone.