AOS memory allocation

Today, I learned how to allocate more RAM to Minecraft, and it got me thinking: is there any way to allocate more memory to AOS to make it run faster? Any answers would be appreciated. Thanks.

I’m not sure if its possible. I think you can do that for minecraft because of java.

Technically anything is possible.
I don’t believe there is a program or script currently available in which you can increase the RAM usage for AoS. However, AoS is such a light program that if you’re concerned with the speed at which it is running on your computer, it may be time to buy a new computer.
If you are just looking to make the game run “faster” or less choppy, you would be dealing with your internet connection. Try freeing up anything that is eating up your bandwidth. (As in, web browser, steam, skype, stuff like that.)

And yes shywolf the script used for Minecraft is using Java, a script would most likely have to be made in Python for such a change. Yet, another thing is MineCraft (for some ungodly reason) sets its RAM usage to 1GB I believe. and the script only changes that cap. If AoS has a RAM cap you could change that. But again, the program shouldn’t be taking up too much resources.


With 32 Gb of RAM, I think we are fine.[/s]
Le derp I thought you were talking about the servers. Sorry.

Isn’t python only server sided? I didn’t think the client was coded in python but I could be wrong.

also @Eatmypro what are the specs of your computer (OS ,amount of ram etc). If ace of spades is running slow it could be your computer.

Lol I was referring to his internet connection. The server has great transfer rates.

That’s a good point shywolf. The client may very well be coded in something else. (maybe C/C++?)

Nah, the client doesn’t need more RAM.


Is AoS running slowly or choppy for you? If so, it isn’t a RAM problem (unless you’re playing on your phone or a machine built last century). I’ve noticed the framerate can get a little weird at certain resolutions.

Anyways, the client was written in C++. Does us little good, as we don’t have the source code.

He really should have released the source code. He left a good dream to be frozen in time.

Hehe, Intel Atom+2 GB ram+gma 3150=15 fps
Other pc with like other specs (to be not bragging about it)= Unlimited

Not to burst your bubble, but the Voxlap client is capped at around 60 FPS, so it’s not unlimited.


You just bursted my bubble. :confused:


Take others browsers,some browsers are lame :smiley: