AOS Leaderboard not tracking new users

Well, I performed the steps so that aloha track my status (i play the most on aloha babel) but it seems not working. I enter on the server, log into my account, receive a positive (i think) message “You are logged in as deuce (Pedro)” but my name just doesn’t appear on the leaderboard. Looking other topics, it seems then logged players have some protection at votekicks but i received some while im supposed logged and it affects me (nothing serious about that, just players messing with me). At the least, i just wanna mention then the track option are checked on my account config!

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Hi @Pedro, could you try now? @CapRex went in and fixed @Vagabond, @mercur1c, and your stats accounts. (they were experiencing the same issue)

Could (any of) you confirm that it’s working, now? Thanks!

Now its working properly, thanks!

Unfortunately, it seems I joined the forum precisely one day (and 3 hours and 7 minutes) late; this issue appears to be present on my account as well. ( user stats)

same here user stats

We’ll take a look at both your accounts, sorry bout that!

We’ll also try to squash the root issue, too.

@notaburner @nutella both your accounts should be working now.

We’re continuing to look into the root issue, but if anyone wants theirs to be manually fixed feel free to reply below