aos is permanently broken

the gameplay is permanently broken and i will never ever play it again. the dregs of the player base have dragged the game into the mud (and held it there) since the start and years later there is still no way to deal with these creatures.

i will never play this game again.

see you in hell spergs

ok thank you for your valuable input

I’m sorry Stranger you must be in the wrong place. May I redirect you to the proper website?
There is where you will find your fellow “spregs” of which you speak.

Another one bites the dust.

its interesting that you would have this opinion.

looking at the number of posts you have made on aloha, and the time and effort you put into abuse reports one would imagine that you actually do like the game.

the fact that you thought it necessary to express your feeling here is even more interesting. As aloha is not even the unofficial home of Ace of Spades 0.75 and 0.76. In fact buildandshoot is the unofficial home and has the most traffic. i don’t see as why you would blame someone else for your distaste in a game that hasn’t mechanically changed for years.

have fun finding another game, then shortly after finding that you hate that game too. and rinse and repeat… good luck

Your information has been relayed to Jagex. Thank you for your time.

Goodbye, go away, whatever. If you’re going to be ragey about it, go complain to fagex.

I agree with him… :-\

He’s right. The trolls are all that’s left.

AoS is dying.

Hopefully OS can turn things around.

We need a new, user-friendly topic to start up. Last comment and Continue the story have both died out…

Was just messing with you guys, wanted to see what u peepzles would say. 8)

I wouldn’t say permanently, eventually a game will be made to replace AoS.

Unfortunately, I think he is correct. Really, OpenSpades is the only hope for the game, but I doubt anything will actually happen with it. Honestly there is nothing new happening. AoS was always a game with potential, it really wasn’t that good when I first started playing but it was fun and I saw that something could happen with it. Jagex made AoS Steam and that really wasn’t what I had wanted, but I was excited for buildandshoot and saw many possibilities there. I also saw Iceball and it look great. Unfortunately I feel that if anybody other than Greasemonkey was doing the project it could have actually succeeded. Then OpenSpades came, we’ll have to see where it goes. But more than likely, nothing’s going to happen and AoS will fall into oblivion, never becoming the game I would have hoped it could become.

To all pessimistic views on the game:
There are still people who aren’t trolls. People who aren’t related to ridiculous drama. cough CLG cough
I think that AoS won’t fall into oblivion any time soon.

My running tip is to change Browser ::slight_smile: