AoS ain't no two team game no more

do you love pinpoint? or hate it? ever imagine an AoS with moar teams? this new scripted game mode by Danke should interest you!

presenting four teams (blue vs. red vs. green vs. yellow) spread around two pinpoints mashed together:

a player’s team color is the color of the block held in his hands.

it makes for some pretty intense gameplay. gunfire comes from every angle, so pay attention to your surroundings! look for “ four teams” on the play page or join directly @ aos://1379434439:45887

all i can say:


Wow, exciting!!

Izzy 2012

What does izzy 2012 mean lol, are you implying that this is his idea? :p, I kid, when I saw it up I was like

This GM gets annoying when you accidently fall in the water and take damage :stuck_out_tongue:

It means that we should elect Izzy for President of the United States of America, sarcastically. It does not mean Izzy created the idea, only a statement to praise Izzy’s management of Aloha. I find your illusory correlation to be slightly insulting.

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interesting, seeing that i thought i chose the correct meme for the situation, if you have a better one for the situation, please share, so i do not make the mistake twice.

i hope to tell u that you can still see some of the players on the other teams and wichever team ur on there is one team that doesnt count wen u kill them it will count as a teamkill btw is there a way i can change my name on this im part of DELTA now lol

Here it is Big Jimmy:

This is one of my favorite game modes. With hallway, bridgewars, and arena

I like this gamemode, its a shame that the server isn’t that popular.