Anyone want to go on a diamond mining expedition with me?

Is anybody up for it? I’m relatively decent at finding diamonds, and I will definitely get you some, but we have to work together. Profits are split 50/50. Who’s up for it?

I will do a mining contest with you

Sure boss, when :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s go, Monsta.

I’m not a fan of the mining contests where the winner keeps all the loot, but maybe one where something not included in the resources is put up for winning. Say a champion horse or an enchanted tool/weapon.

Pun! I just sent Scott a message the other day asking if he’d been on recently. There’s a lot of activity now, so you should join in on the fun man! He said no, but he asked about what had been going on recently.

Scott’s wife recently had a baby girl so he is all but unavaliable until he figures out how to manage his time better.
As for me, I recently got GTA V and have been toying around with it in my free time. It’s good to know the server has activity again which means I will be checking it out again.

well i’m poor since i died recently, i lost all my stuff, it was really tough ;c so yeah, i’ll go with you lol it’ll look funny, a noob with a diamond pickaxe. i’ll try to get back to my house and start over. want to go in the ravine i live in and the cave i’m near?

Maybe. You need an enchanted diamond pick axe. Thankfully, someone donated a diamond fortune pick to the canal with unbreaking 3 (why they did…I don’t know)

Ok tell me if yes. Or just PM me.