Anyone have AWP models?

hi, I am looking for a good model of rifle, my preference is the AWP’s but I am willing to try other models of rifles

. google traductor

i have 11 clients for this game, or, 5 clients where the code is different, however, this is the rifle i use on ace of spades classic and betterspades
scroll down that thread

link to it in screenshots thread, i’d really say it’s worth a try. i downloaded this from build and shoot, seems to come from originally…

a heads up about the scope aim; the red dot is a little, little little bit under the middle point of the screen, so you have to aim higher up than you’d do if the dot was where it should be… it’s maybe tricky in the beginning but this is a really useful rifle, even if it’s not a awp…

Ive never known there were as many as 11 clients out there. Can you tell me their names and where i could get them pls?

you already have awp models faggot

edit: and it’s not 11 clients with different code, i’m using 11 clients even tho most of them is some version of betterspades with different skin pack

ok here’s a small list… there’s no cheat clients on it, if you want one look here:

jenkin’s betterspades
openspades, 0.1.0 and forward versions
modern war, openspades based client
ace of spades, the original version
build and shoot launcher
openspades 0.12 b, the censored one
another openspades client, but with some customized skins and animations

unfortunately i don’t remeber links, but they aren’t very hard to find

saw some awp models in build and shoot discord, look in #mods