Anybody else getting massive lag?

I was playing before on babel and everytime I’d get a massive feed (6-man or above) I would all-of-a-sudden spike to 20% packet loss. It pissed me off quite a bit but it’s nothing like what it is now. I’ve confirmed with EightyOne and a few other friends that we’re all getting 40% packet loss or more, and while it says we’re playing on 250ms it feels like 2500ms or more (often up to 10000ms, I’ve checked using chat delay…)

I’ve noiced it seems to happen around the same time the mc server is complaining about lag. It may be that the server is eating up procsessing power.

I’m sure it’s something server-side as everything else works fine, what I fine weird is that some people are perfectly fine and don’t have crazy loss where as people in the exact same call can’t join the server. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Some people like Spademan live in the server room though.

This happens to me. It happens so much now it doesn’t even show I lagged up to 900ms lel

Rare, but it happens and occasionally crashes me.

i almost crash

never mind, now i crash all the time :frowning:


Google Canada

Thats a big issue now

I think ArenaCs is broken, and Waterstar and I crashed off of Arenatop10s

Can’t play atm, everyone jitters around and I have to wait like 5 seconds to confirm I headshot someone, was playing blockpower and I think it crashed. =/

EDIT: It didn’t crash, although almost everyone timed out. I checked babel, and I managed to play for two seconds before freezing and eventually timing out.

I think top10s and arenas died from crashes and stuff, so all the arena players went to all maps.

I don’t play a lot now… I love 1.0 what’s wrong with it nubs

Are you tryharding or…?

All arenas are now dead.

Looks like the problem has been fixed. If there’s still problems in the future, let us know.

Can confirm! Packetloss is now perfect at 0% and ping is constant (around 250ms for me), infact it seems you guys improved performance lmao! Well done. :slight_smile:

The amount of bytes/second coming ‘in’ has about tripled and the bytes/second going ‘out’ has gone up on average about 150%. I’m definitely smelling upgrades.

You are correct! Thank izzy.

Yay, so now we can actually play without 14500ms of ping :slight_smile:

Seems like the upgrades were temporary or something lmao xD
back to 20-30% packetloss, was fun while it lasted :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: