Anybody else getting a 403 error?

I can’t access the ace of spaces website at all, so I can’t play :frowning:
When I try to load the page I get a 403 error. Just wondering if I’m alone or if this is something everybody is getting right now.
Sorry about making a thread about this, but I can’t make a thread on the actual forums because I can’t access them. Hope that’s OK.

Seems like the BnS website is down or misconfigured.
You can still play on aloha servers via our frontpage, and minit servers are probably reachable via their forums. I don’t know about all the other servers though.

Yup, not just you, anybody got any info on why?

ok the site now says they are upgrading their server, so I guess nothing is wrong.

I saw that too. Hopefully it is the addition of .35 and .76 that they were talking about but I doubt it.

It’s because someone posted the site on reddit and then BnS had a huge influx of users.

They have had to upgrade the server.

Amen. I also posted the buildandshoot website on Ace Of Spades page on facebook about 5 times


What? There is nothing wrong with that.

Yeah, but I don’t think Jagex will like that.

They cant sue me. Its not illegal. And they ruined the game. Everyone except for Jagex would side with me.

I agree :wink:

Seriously, stuff like this is just giving BnS a bad rep. Unless someone explicitly asks “where can we keep playing the original version?”, spamming our link everywhere isn’t helpful at all.

This is true, but they can still take alternative action such as banning you from the facebook group or from the ace-spades website. Instead of trying to force a Jagex-ruined-our-game-so-come-to-BnS scenario, promote BnS as an alternative for people looking for a classic version of the game that works with instead of competes with Jagex’s 1.0

Yes but Jagex is ‘special’

They don’t understand that the internet is a free place, and we have to help them adjust as residents of the interwebz :slight_smile:

Even if Jagex didn’t buy AoS, 1.0 would still cost $10. That was Ben’s plan. Also he wanted to run .76 and 1.0 at the same time, .76 being a little different from .75 and 1.0 being the paid but better version.

Yeah, but if Ben made 1.0, it would be fun at least.

That’s true. I was just watching Mat^2’s 1.0 development videos and it looked like a lot of fun. Too bad 1.0 turned out to be boring :frowning:

The OpenGL looked like 0.75 with some updates. AoS 1.0 had better graphics (which tickep people off b/c they might not be able to play it) and it had Jagex make it"better"…


And it had the RPG, the Mounted MG, and a chopper.

The OpenGL had a vehicle?