An idea to get BnS popular again

There’s this guy named who basically takes new games and puts them on the lowest settings possible, going through cfg files to achieve his goal. He just started a series featuring games that can run on old computers: This is perfect due to how old the specs are for OS (runs on my pc, Radeon HD 3850 with an i3-3225 at 200+ fps on lowest) and if someone’s pc cant handle it, then they can play on the original launcher (isn’t it called Voxlap?).

I did not see a submit link but we can message him via his Discord server: or we can add him to a tweet on Twitter: I did mention this in the Discord but I wanted to put it in here for a more “dedicated” talk about it.

I just recently messaged him about it on his discord channel, I think he’s taking it into consideration.


Thanks dude, hopefully he’ll review it :wink: