Four teams

Hey, I had an ideal. In fourteams I think it would be a good idea to add a thing called a building period. If you look in its chat around 4/18/15 at 6:00-6:30 I improvised it and it worked quite well. Of course it will take quite a bit of scripting but you could have it as all teams enter building period. If a team states “ready” they may re-enter the war. but it requires another team to later say ready in order for them to fight. When this happens you can only attack the team’s that are in the ready state. And if you enter another building teams area and pass there first block threshold, they can kill you. Or if you fire on another team in the building period, they can kill that person. You can take it from there. I hope y’all like my idea. :slight_smile: bye!

Interesting idea, we actually did the same for FSOM four teams event. However, this would be hard to plan since it is always on the same map without map changes. We were thinking about adding more maps to the sever though, so we could discuss implementing this.

We could introduce a time limit

Actually I thought about a time limit multiple times. But I just thought of something, We could RTV(Rock The Vote). Once again, lots of scripting but we could set the commands /rtv which will let you choose from a variety of maps. Like /rtv 1 and etc for different maps, or /rtv same to keep the map. So that way the time still be will indeffinate. Almost like Gmod. And then everyone has a choice. If majority rules on a map, we go there or if 1 map has 2 votes and another has 2, re-Rtv. Or if: map 1:5 votes map 2:5 votes map 3:4. Votes or map 4:6 votes, map 4 wins. See it now? Thought so. Hope you like it and feel free to implement it.

To avoid any weirdness where someone joins and wants to shoot their friend and they are stuck in “build-mode” it would be nice if there was a /build command which would prevent you from being able to shoot, nade, & spade (you can use a modified zombie script) and it would only be applied on respawn and once you toggled it off it would then again only be de-applied on respawn to avoid abuse. While in this “/build” mode you could build to your hearts content without taking any damage (while on your side only) or make it so you have a ridiculous amount of health like 1000 or something.

Yea I thought Bout that, but 1000hp vs headshot = instant death. So just have a command that pops up at the bottom left, "We are currently in build mode. Please refrain from shooting. If you want to know more click here

ALSO someone could abuse /build and grief the other team or /build in middle of fight then go up on an enemy disguised and /build in there enemy, kill them, then re-enter it

Also please read my comment above.