Alph ESP

I had the intel and was digging a tunnel to the other team side, since it was r1ctf. I was hakfway to the boundary line and reblocked my tunnel in the end. He came out of nowhere and spaded me.

Link to Video Evidenve:

Has other previos abuse reports on him:


I’m not an admin, but it’s really easy to listen to people digging and placing blocks. Not to mention you fired while in there. That line comes up on the map for the other team to see. And also, it’s very possible that he was digging randomly and found you.

At that close a range, the tracer doesn’t register on the map.

Either way you were digging a lot. Also, it is possible for him just to have happened upon you or he might’ve been in a skype call with the teammate you killed for all you know. I’m not an admin though, so I’ll leave all that to them lol.

Then wouldn’t that be called ghosting for the team mate I killed

I don’t think Ghosting is bannable, but like I said. I’m no admin. This is their territory.

It’s not ghosting if the teammate calls out the position that you were in when they were alive, but if they start spectating you or something then it’s ghosting