AlohaD-Feeter Application

What’s your real first name? Aebram
How old are you? 16
Where do you live? Please don’t give us your street address, just the country is great. Australia
Which server do you play most often? Last team standing
When are you usually available to help?saterday or may be mon tue wen
Why are you interested in being an admin? Note: Please try to be as specific and clear as possible with your reasoning, otherwise we won’t know what you mean. i want to be amdin so i i can stop whoes spaming , glitching and cheating

please stop making new topics on the same thing

If so, it would be nice if you stop spaming i[/i] yourself.

im not even sopaming :o

they said i aft to do it duhsoalex said

Why do you type with an accent?

Its pretty funny because how do type with an accent yet if you read it it sounds like someone has an accent.


This isn’t even in the correct section anyway. We got your application, we sent you a PM to confirm that, what more do you need?

He is just desperate for admin probably.

Uhh…thanks for correcting yourself?