AlohaCraft is trekking the trail to 1.20!


Well hello there! :wave: Sorry for the mess. :point_up_2: Our Sniffer, Izzy, is playing around in it’s new home.

@player-mc over the next few weeks, we’re going to begin the process of updating the AlohaCraft server from 1.19.x to 1.20.x. :partying_face: Keep reading for more information about the process!

The Date: We’re planning to start the update on July 21 (at 00:00 - 12am GMT) and are aiming to be completed within a few days (we are aiming for July 24 by 00:00 - 12am GMT)

During this time, the server will be inaccessible while we: backup the current world file, update to 1.20 and reinstall the world, test plugins, etc.

We (and Izzy) will see you soon . . .

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