AlohaCraft 1.19 Update Progress!

WOAH! :fearful: :dizzy_face: Hello there :wave: we didn’t see you come in. :shushing_face:

Sorry if we’re all a bit jumpy… it’s just that we’re on the lookout for an 8’ tall killing machine who likes to lurk in the darkness, hates loud neighbors, and enjoys mauling people to death with its bare hands. :no_mouth:

What? You haven’t heard the news yet?!

Minecraft’s 1.19 Wild Update just dropped today!!!

Here are some of the new things to come:

  • The Warden: A blind hostile mob found in the new Deep Dark biome (he has 500 hp and deals the strongest non-explosive damage yet) :face_with_spiral_eyes:

  • Mangrove swamps: a new biome that introduces the mangrove tree, mud, and frogs

If you haven’t seen what’s new, check out the full list: 1.19 update content

You must be wondering, when will AlohaCraft get to experience all these new and exciting (and perhaps scary) changes?!

Well before AlohaCraft can update, there are a few things that will need to happen:

  1. Our server software (PaperMC) will need to release a stable version supporting 1.19

  2. Our plugins will need to be checked for either compatibility with 1.19 or any updates that will make them compatible

  3. We’ll need to make sure our world is backed-up and nothing happens during and after the 1.19 upgrade

  4. World border will be expanded and chunks pre-generated to generate new biomes (will require slight downtime because of lag)

We’ll make sure to keep all @player-mc members up-to-date when the server will be updated! Please let us know if you have any questions!

- News Team