AlohaCraft 1.19.2 Has Arrived!

Hello @player-mc!

Sorry for the delay, but we’ve finally updated AlohaCraft to Minecraft 1.19.2 :partying_face:

During the update process, some unfortunate events happened on my side (ISP outage) that pushed the re-opening date up by a few days :cold_sweat:

Hopefully, everything is worth the wait :hugs:

Here are some of the changes:

  • 1.19.x chunks have been generated between 12k and 17k blocks in all directions with possibly small increases as needed (1.20 should be released by end of year)
  • The outer parts of the End dimension have been reset, leaving the center untouched (we may do this every so often)

It’s worth noting that the AlohaCraft map will not be reset for a long time.
Unless Mojang makes massive map/terrain changes (like they did with 1.18), we’ll keep applying the newest versions of MC in a similar fashion to how we accomplished updating to 1.19.

If you experience any issues please let any of the @staff-mc-all know on the forum or via our discord channel, #alohacraft.

So build big and build lots! :smile: See you on the server!

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