Aloha Youtube Channel

Hey guys! So, the idea of starting a youtube channel is being discussed right now, I was wondering what is everyone’s thoughts on this? Also anyone who would like to contribute ideas and videos are most welcome just comment below, go onto the IRC or PM me.
Karma :smiley:

Some ideas:

  • A video showcasing the best gamemodes would be great, with rules or just a short description.

  • OpenSpades is also worth a mention, for those who really care about graphics.

  • A slideshow with our best towers and structures. We have a lot!

I’d also like to contribute with a couple of videos.

This sounds great actually. If we can all post videos on the channel and make different playlists. I was working on making an aos montage with the help of Ferrari with the editing and I would put it on my channel, but if aloha makes one, maybe I can put it on that? Just a thought.

Yeah absolutely! We are still trying to figure how we are going to run the different users and which playlists to put but all is welcome.

A youtube channel would be awesome! You’d definitely gain a subscriber from me.

Oh if only I could record on my win8, the zombies montage videos…

I will watch every day ! :smiley:
I can’t wait !

Bump! If anyone is good at making avatars, we would really like one to be made for the youtube channel. Maximum size is 98 x 98 Pixels.

Just a little update regarding the technical side of things. We currently have a way that users can submit videos to us as well as submit a youtube link to be featured. Regarding what Techno said about each person having their own separate playlist, I’m pretty sure that’s possible to do, I’ll check it out.

Hooray, win10 lets me record! Now if only I can get bandicam to work right.