Aloha server with the "Assault" and "Assault2" maps (izzy read pl0x)

So, as a die-hard fan of the Goon Haven servers (R.I.P.), I really think that Aloha should host a server with the two maps that ran on GH 2: Assault and Assault 2 (first part of TGM’s post).

The server should have the following things, imo:

Gamemode: CTF
Time limit: none.
Intel captures: 10
Water damage: no

Playing on that server used to be hours and hours of fun, and I think it would be awesome if Aloha had a server with those two maps, since Minit already has the other GH map.


GH 3 master GH server.

Well, until AWG linked me it, I didn’t know that Minit hosted that map:
So, ignore this thread, I guess.