aloha R1CTF 24/7 hallway players....

Most of the players on aloha R1CTF 24/7 hallway are very immature. They tried to get me votekicked for “being gay”, and I was only 2 votes away from being kicked. And some of the players attempted to trick the ones that didn’t vote into voting, by saying “TYPE /Y FOR AIRSTRIKE!”. And there are too many teamkillers, greifers, and aimbotters to actually have fun. THe urban tank fight map is the only one that I can say that has least pissed me off. I can honestly say that if people don’t start taking action against these players, I will quit from playing on aloha servers.

And now there are more aimbotters, votekick abusers, and griefers. Warman was votekicked for attempting to votekick an aimbotter. The aimbotter in question was on the top of the scoreboard, and got 8+ headshots in a fraction of a second. Seriously aloha, get more mods/admins. Please.

that always happens :open_mouth:

if you guys don’t like the how the server is ran then don’t play…

i myself am put up for votekick every time i go on…

once i was put in for votekick after being on less then 5 minuets…

however you either have to deal with it or just rage quiet…

it is a serious topic however it is an issue that is found everywhere not only here

The /admin command isn’t very effective ATM since Quakenet trust is down & the IRC bots aren’t thereThe /admin command sends a message to admins, mods and guards to alert them if something’s up. Just do /admin to alert someone. If that doesn’t work, contact an admin here:

Yes, Hallway is full of players like that. I get teamkilled when I have the intel and just destroy a block that’s in my way. I just try to build a giant command post and right when I start, people start griefing it. I’ve found a few hackers using the spectator team and also, there’s a lot of votekick abuse, like you said.

Lmfao i love my friends on hallway c:


I had to stand out c:

Yeah there are A LOT of immature players there therefore people are applying as admin or guard to stay low and keep watch I myself am a active player so I’ve applied if you think you have the responsibility to follow the rules to applying as an admin AND being an admin if accepted go and apply see if the admins give you a chance.

A Shitton of immautre players sorry for my language but they are everywhere.

watch this

Not to delve into politics, but this explains a trillion:

btw, I hear engineering students (self included) use the term “metric shitton” alot.

My history teacher has the money pictures in his classroom :stuck_out_tongue:

@ImmortalAssasin: I, myself applied too. I hope I get accepted so I can stop this (or do the best I can about this).

is that you 8====D???


Why was he banned?