Well, the title says it all.

I was wondering if the crew and friends of would like to organize a UHC for minecraft. I have not notified any minecraft admins so even if the results is yes, it may NOT happen. The poll will last for 2 weeks. I will talk it over with Jyrome, Froe, or PXYC if the results end up with a yes. Based on Mindcrack, UHC takes quite a bit of time to complete so if you play, you shouldn’t leave. If you have to leave though, you would be eliminated from the rest of the game.

UHC is a game in minecraft where you can’t regenerate except by potions or a golden apple made from ingots instead of nuggets. When you die, you are eliminated from the game. The last one surviving is the winner. PvP and PvE are the factors of this game. We could decide to do free-for-all or we could team up after some discussion.

[If there will be a UHC] For this to work, I am estimating that 8+ or 10+ people to play. Otherwise it may be cancelled.

I am looking forward to seeing the results.

So, since it appears that everyone, if not most people would like a UHC, but the question right now is, should there be teams? I would like everyone to post below what teams they would like.
(a) Free For All
(b) Teams of 2
(c) Teams of 3
(d) Teams of 4
Here is the deal though. If choice (c) was most popular, but 8 people showed up, 8 isn’t divisible by 3 so the teams may change on the day of the event. In this example, it may change from (c) to any of the others since 8 is divisible by 4, 2, and 1. Before everyone gets all happy, you do not get to chose your own team since some have more abilities than others, it would only be fair to select people randomly if choices (b), (c), or (d) is chosen.
Topic will update when date of the event is given.

I’ll participate in it

I would like to participate, if times work.

I would like to participate too.

I would love to join, teams would be great if we get enough people on and use a randomizer

Sounds like a fun time, count me in!

I would love to play, even if I do not know what UHC is.

Finally, after 7 months! Count me in.

Not sure what this is, entirely, but since my line of playing involves taking 1-2 hearts of damage every 10 minutes or so, I’ll be sitting it out.

b :smiley: