servers problems.

Message removed.

Well im guessing you were provoking them.
Also those screenshots prove norhing. All it prove is that you were votekicked by other members of the server.

i was going to respond to your other post in this topic but i guess it was removed for some reason? anyway, successful votekicks last only 30 minutes. you should be able to play again by now if that’s all it was. let me know if not and i will look into it. our % requirement for votekicks to be successful is rather high, so unless the server was low on players it probably wasn’t only the Brazilian players ganging up on you.

it’s difficult to solve some of the problems you mentioned without affecting all players. for example, there’s a team switch cooldown to prevent players from switching to the winning team, but that also affects players like you who want to help the losing team. that’s why the team switch cooldown isn’t too high. there are other configurations like that already in place to deal with similar kinds of problems. i know it’s not perfect but this is a scripted game mode after all and we’re just making do. if you have specific solutions please suggest them…

the script that calculates accuracy isn’t perfect, that’s one reason why the values don’t make sense sometimes, so don’t rely too heavily on the information it provides. it’s just an additional reference.

lag can make weird things happen of course, so yeah that could explain what you’re describing.

and yeah language really doesn’t matter, all languages are welcome! :smiley:

don’t worry, i can go on more often

What is the script called for teamcooldown Izzy?

There is nothing fore you to do with that script, it just doesnt allow you to switch teams on arena mode- last team standing. it is a preset in game.

Come to think of it, I remember HotKetchup muting someone speaking Spanish in babel about 3 months ago.

Some of us understand Spanish, and it’s very quite possible that the player was cussing him out in Spanish.
Although my spanish skills are quite lacking, I can communicate on a very basic level, enough to tell them “not to destroy things or kill teammates, but go and kill enemies”.

I’m not reporting him or anything but this is close to the dialog I saw while digging.

-Deuce: “(Something Spanish)”
-Deuce has been muted by HotKetchup.
-HotKetchup: “Speak in English only.” (Something around those lines)
-Deuce has been unmuted by HotKetchup.
-Deuce: “(Same Spanish Phrase)”
-Deuce has been muted by HotKetchup.
HotKetchup: “I warned you.”

Now I couldn’t provide screenshots since I wasn’t even registered at that time. But what I saw was real and I even stopped digging and called by brother over to see the drama.