Server Survey!

Hey everyone,

We’ve decided that you guys, the community, should have an important say in what happens regarding the things that go on with our servers. So, we’ve chosen to release to you a survey regarding all of our servers, in the hopes that you guys will provide accurate feedback as well as suggest any interesting ideas that you might have. After the survey closes in a few weeks, we as a team will come together and discuss the ideas and feedback that you all have provided and try to come up with a way to incorporate them into our servers in order to make the game more fun for everyone. Feel free to take the survey multiple times if you have more to contribute. In advance, thank you all for participating, and thank you so much for playing on servers.;sa=page;p=10


done… hmmm I see the point in this.

He said he understands it

yes to improve the servers based off of our feedback. hmmm I gotta do it again

aloha pk 1ctf 24/7 i was playing for 5 hours, the griefing got bad…admins did nothing, i votkicked and they canceled it, and then they kicked me out… WTF, im about done with your severs, and my clan is too. GET SOME RESPOSIBLE PEOPLE GOD DAM IT, DONT LET 4 YEAR OLDS RUN YOUR SERVERS >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

the only problem is, admins aren’t there, I think those admins that talk with players via /admin are nice. With these stray votekicks, something needs to be done, like the script polm made for me about advance vk system

Yea I checked up on your claims. You were infact NOT kicked by an admin or anyone else. As far as I can see, you left the server. I also checked about admins doing nothing and yes we can’t always be admining on the servers, we are normal people but there were some admins on and off while you were on. I counted about 8 people having their building/breaking destroying and about 7 bans for griefing or toggle evasion. We try to do our best with what we can do with our time but you should remember that we do this in our free time. And just for the lolz, I am actually 2 years old.

Sorry for adding to the off topic chat: The best thing to do when you can’t get an admin is to make an abuse report.

yes sorry if I may appear rude but its just that when im on, not much lately cause off starmade but when im on theirs so many people getting away with bs votekicks and the poor person is getting vked for being an asshole, idk about you guys but 30 minutes of being banned isn’t something I appreciate, if I was doing good and it was aimbot, I feel a smudge better, but if im doing bad and im called an aimbot I hate it,