Project Reality Event

Right now there is no official date or participant list or anything formal. I am hoping for the event to take place at the end of this month or possibly the beginning of next month.

We will be playing against other players, not bots. I recommend you familiarize yourself with the game before the event because it’s not easy. Having a mic will be a requirement. If you cannot effectively communicate with your squad then you’re already dead. In PR it only takes a few seconds for your squad to get wiped out or crippled; the chat is not an effective means of communication.

What is Project Reality and where do you download it?

If we can get 1 squad together, 8 players, then that would be ideal. If we have an abundance of interest and get 2 squads together then we could do some real damage, assuming everybody has at least a little in game experience before it starts.

probably gonna take friday night to download a new one bc i still need to torrent css mp and ravenfield