fallout server

I want to post some things…
The kinda-sorta-story-about-groups-in-fallout

The Order: A group of Blues and Greens who are trying to survive the fallout. The Bandits are their enemy. The Order can be Riotous at times, ocasionally betraying each other.
Bandits: Griefers, Teamkillers, killers in safe areas. That crap.
MACPNF (Military Assistance Command Post Nuclear Fallout: The good guys, lead by me. We build shelters for everyone. We are always defensive. You attack a shelter, expect every defendant, including your allies to fire at you. We are the survivors of the NATO. We have SAS, CIO, CIA, FBI, SEALS, Spetsnaz and military regiments here.
Other People: Welcome in shelters. But we will fire on you if you don’t come in peace.


A 15 tall post with a 4x3x1 teal flag

MACPNF Shelter…

DON’T ATTACK!! All come in peace. Or be repelled by the defendants.

Or an alternate type:
Survivors: Stay in D3/shelters. Are (usually) peaceful.
Monks: Devote their playtime to continually fix D3. Peaceful.
Radiomen: -Roleplay inbound-
Poachers: Violate peace-zone rules.
Hunters: Hunt on the surface for explorers and peaceful people.
D3 is a safe zone. (no killing)
Holding a white block signifies peace.
A red square outlined by yellow signifies a safe zone.
Traditionally, only monks can make safe zones.

My version promotes roleplay more.

And I am so freaking confused. I don’t even give a rip anymore.

It got complicated after I invented the MACPNF.

regardless i think the map timer on fallout should run for a lot longer until it the bombed areas are blank. I’d love to see it.

No. Just no.

That’s the second time you said that. Can you please explain why before you say that? It seams rude when you say it like that.

The idea of letting the timer run, stripping the entire map THEN ending the round is insane. Nobody would win.