faking player counts!!??!

Aloha is faking player counts?!?!? I'm pretty sure this is a bannable offense from the master list! q-q

(28 is listed on the master list and Aloha's on player counter, but there are only 26 players in the game.)

Sometimes the page doesn’t update, but it’s a difference of one of two players, no more.
There can be bugs; they don’t have matter.

I meant to address this issue some time ago, but never actually got around to doing it before. I would like to create awareness about this problem, because it does not only affect server hosts but also the entire Ace of Spades player base. People have been doing this for a long time and especially in times of an overall declining player base we need to have clear rules for those who decide to not play fair and manipulate their servers playercount.

Now for all of you who do not know what I am talking about, here is a quick explanation:
Player count manipulation is a modification in the pyspades/pysnip code to make the server appear more full on the master server list eventhough it has less players e.g. the master server shows that 6 players are playing on a server even when there is actually not a single one playing. This manipulation can be done in various ways: Servers can have a fixed player count, which means they will always have the same amount of players appearing on the master list e.g. always 30/32, they can also have a specific amount of extra “players” so that the amount of players listed will always be a bit higher than the servers actual population. There are also more subtle ways to manipulate the player count e.g. only adding additional players when the player count falls bellow a certain threshold.

Now what is so bad about this you may ask. 3 additional players are not going to change anything, right? As a server host I can clearly tell you that even smaller manipulations can change a lot. Even only 2 or 3 additional players can determine whether a server will be full for a whole day or remain completely empty. Players are more likely to join populated servers and that is where the problem lies: Servers with manipulated player counts will inevitably become more and more popular eventually making the player base shift from other servers towards those servers with fake numbers. It is just not fair that server hosts who do not resort to such measures will be the ones suffering from this.

Players still choosing a team (i.e. just entered a sever) are not listed on the chart, but is still counted towards the player total.

Manipulating player numbers is indeed a major offense and servers found to be doing this have been and will continue to be blacklisted from the master server.

Izzy going to have to ban himself. v_v

How will we survive without you Dizzy Izzy?! :’( :’( :-\ :-\ :frowning: </3 </3 q-q

If that’s true, then you can’t ever catch anyone for faking player counts, because there could always just be 2 people that haven’t picked a team.

You can catch fake playercounts when the count shows 32 but only 6 players are on like some have done in the past.

But that could’ve just been 26 people that just joined and hadn’t picked a team yet if what Paratrooper said is true…

Here’s bp right now with the appropriate player count.

Click for details

And here’s tennis with one player, but nobody in the chart (and yes, that’s me).

Click for details

We can’t stop those that enter a server and don’t choose a team, and there’s a difference between intermittent discrepancies in player counts and player count spoofing.

And let’s be real here, that case is highly unlikely (if not impossible).

Or maybe one person is connecting with 26 clients to fake player count?!?!?!?

Highly unlikely =/= not true

And you proved a bug sure, but you didn’t prove that that wasn’t spoofed player counts! I was almost fooled into joining the server myself when I saw that 28/32 player count.

See, I knew you’d get it. I thought we could trust Izzy. :confused: But then again, it might be a slim and shady subordinate doing this dastardly deed!


Yes, precisely! :slight_smile:

CPP and D both agreeing with me in a thread!?!? It’s almost as unbelievable as Izzy toying with all of us like this.

It’s becoming more and more difficult to tell when you’re joking and when you’re not, Torch.

Well there is usually some truth to when I joke. I was actually curious as to why the numbers were off, but Paratrooper already answered that. I didn’t think you guys were actually spoofing the player counts lol.