experimental - fallout error

I tried to join experimental - fallout meanwhile when time for nuclear strikes it will crash and it says client.exe is stop working

Hmm. Never happened to me. Do you have a good internet connection? I do like that server, and I have a suggestion for izzy to add some more maps to the rotation.

yes I have a good internet connection

Are you not banned sidex?

im banned but my friend report me so I will post it his problem

It sometimes happen to me when Im lagging.

im not sure when problem is the computer but these the computer information:
Processor:Intel Pentium dual CPU E2160 1.80 GHz
RAM:1.00 GB

Oh gosh freaking change your avatar, I am going into an epileptic seizure and I don’t have epilepsy.


the computer is not that bad. mine is even whorser: 1 GB ram, 1,66 ghz.
i can play on the fallout server without problems.

My comp sucks, and I can run fallout.

Joseph, you know everything in AOS hates you.
I had to appeal for you to actually have a server you’re not banned on XD (Remember to thank Froelich131)