Aloha Nuketown Dedicated Server?

Was wondering if Aloha could host a “ Nuketown 24/7” server which would be cool because i don’t like waiting for Nuketown to be playing on a rotation since it takes ages.

I think you should also make the mode Arena but maybe TDM to make it fun (Note: Sometimes spawn killing might happen) but don’t worry there is a spawn killing script you could use.

Anyway Bye Guys,


That map would be terrible on 24/7… just WAY TOO SMALL

  1. Nuketown is your map
  2. You’re GBL’d.

I know it’s my map and what does it have to do with me being GBL’D mine your own buisness. Also i’m not on it at the moment.

Also the map size doesn’t matter in Nuketown and it would be fun to have some fast paced action gameplay.

Donate and get your own server for a month from aloha.

You see here not every single 14yr old has Money. I would love to donate but i just don’t have the resources to do that. Also i can host my own servers but i find them unreliable since they are from the UK (Hosted by Me) and also i need the internet for my own uses (Meaning if i upload the server goes laggy). I do run 2 Ace of Spades server called 1 and 2 but yer.

Being a GBL admin, it matters to me that you are playing on our servers.

Banned players do not usually have to worry about waiting for maps to come on.

Sorry for the confusing but this is my view.
I think that if you are a owner of a server which is subscribed to the GBL list then yes they should be banned. But if you choose they are allowed on yuor server then it should be fine. What about other servers which subscribe to the GBL list? I mean i go on and no one shouts at me. I just mean that maybe you can choose to let me go on Aloha.

Other GBL admins enforce my bans, and I enforce theirs.
Just because you aren’t getting caught ban evading, does not mean you are not ban evading.

It is not okay for you to be playing on our servers, and you will be banned (again) for doing so.

Ok Thank-You for telling me that. I will now keep off (your) servers till i either stop getting GBL’D or if i get permission from Izzy to be allowed.

I want a Nuketown 24/7.

And seriously, stop harassing linkters about being GBL’ed.

Thank you Hobonob.

Also i got GBL’D by Stackoverflow because of a duel which wasn’t even on a public server. It was Me against Nestflo and another guy. Winter (Stack) was spectating. I was stupid because i didn’t want to lose the match or i would not be allowed to use the clan name DaR. So he caught me, banned me on the GBL list then i wasn’t on Ace of Spades for 2 months (Appealing for a ban) then i managed to somehow change my IP. When i appealed for my ban they said “no” because apparently i was hacking on “Minit US - CTF” which i wasn’t nor was there any spectators. This is riduculas and i wont to be given i final chance.

Can you really do that?

You might want to clarify that with Izzy.

It’s on the admin forums but I don’t know if it’s only for admins or not.