Aloha Malware o_0

So I just tried to enter a Aloha server but it gets closed by Chrome(My Web Browser) and says it’s Malware o_0
This keeps happening Multiple times

no it’s safe if it asks you to download a file called najort.exe just run it and it should be fine ok

no but seriously I don’t think it’s anything to worry about unless the servers were ddos’d or something

The same thing happens to me. It also happens with bns for me… I just run it with Opera

Same thing is happening to me when i want to go to Bns website

Aloha is ok

One of BuildAndShoot’s advertisements was from a malware site. They’ve fixed it now, if you still see the page try clearing your cache.
It wasn’t related to aloha. You’re probably safe.

It only blocks BnS for me… Still is.

same here, but what would happen if someone did visit BnS with that malware ad on?

He says probably which is basically “yes you are safe.” (Probably just doesn’t want people bitching at him that B&S gave them viruses)
I don’t blame your cautiousness tho. If ya found that much malware on your pc… you probably should be watching what websites you’re going to, and what you download.
But this was just an advertisement issue, which they fixed so all good.


i think the problem is fixed :D#