Aloha "classic"

Hey guys,
Unfortunately, I’m not near a computer right now or else this wouldn’t be needed, but I was just wondering if you had to buy the game in order to play on the aloha classic servers. I don’t really want to pay money for a game that I’ve always loved playing and that was always supposed to be free (but apparently Jagex screwed that up to). Also, did Jagex always own this game because I never remembered them being affiliated with AOS in any way.


Hey Bob! Haven’t seen you in a while. I don’t know if you remember me but I played with you on hallway quite a bit. So you don’t have to buy AoS 1.0 from Jagex. Go to That is where AoS version 0.75 (classic) is and it’s completely free. You can’t play aloha on Jagex’s AoS because they took away third party server hosting :frowning:

Of course I remember ya! And hopefully I’ll start playing again soon and we can have some more good times on hallway ;). Anyways, thanks for the info! I was really hoping that I could still play the good AOS…