aloha Classic Gen 24/7

We all know this aloha server, its a ctf server hosting classig gen for 3 days without map restart, which gives everyone the same feel as old servers before being able to automatically reset maps.
Some old school players don’t seem to like this server tho for some reason, whichever it may be, I think I understand them. My suggestion is to remove smg and shotgun (which can be done with the help of a script), to give the real old school feel. Everytime I play cgen, I use smg because its easy to aim and control recoil, I don’t really care about incoming bullets, with rifle I believe that would be diferent.
I also am not sure about markers (script made by hompy), they can be really confusing and unnecessary, I’d rather have it disabled.
And finally about the game mode, either tc or ctf, Im not sure about this one, tc makes a faster pace game and its more dynamic, gameplay changes everytime during those 3 days period and it is necessary to play for the objective if you actually want to survive and make some kills. On ctf however, its a slower pace game and the gameplay doesn’t change much without building (giving players the opurtunity to think about a tactic without putting themselves at risk), attributes appreciated by old school players, but this game mode also makes people often forget (or not even know it exists) about the intel and just kill everything they see and eventually attempt to spawn kill.

This is my understanding on how classic gen plays out and what should be done to improve, I’m althought posting in this section to get diferent opinions and suggestions from other people regarding this server.

basically you’re suggesting the same 24/7 cgen server we have now, but without the smg, shotgun, and markers script, right?

i’d prefer CTF over TC because TC’s spawning system takes away from the slow-paced nature that makes cgen great… is going to offer multi version support soonish. when that happens another option is to have an additional server like this for an older version that already has these settings by default - the plus of that would be no auto climb! :smiley:



great news :smiley:

I would suggest it but no script for it, fortunately we can do as izzy says, althought Stack is being abit slow on updating spadille n stuff… maybe idk what Im talking about.

What’s wrong with autoclimb?

What is autoclimb anyway?

It’s when you don’t have to jump to get up stairs, climb blocks etc. I think it’s pretty useful, climbing up the stairs on hallway.

i don’t understand why some people hate autoclimb. i personally love it and i’ve been playing since the days where autoclimb didn’t even exist. i like the idea of having rifles only but killing autoclimb seems like more of a con than a pro to me but that’s just my opinion.

auto climb removed much need for tunneling and drastically sped up the gameplay, which encouraged more run and gun style.

…Drunken camera? :stuck_out_tongue:

In my personal opinion, the server should be a long-drawn out war. To improve towards this state of game-play, we should do the following:

Remove autoclimb
Remove the SMG and the Shotgun
(If Possible) Slow the dig rate just a tad.
(If Possible) Give two bricks per brick dug out. (This is good for avoiding gigantic holes in the terrain
and improving land usage.)

Those are only a few ideas of mine. I appreciate refined ideas.

But I liek autoclimb >:(
Anyhoo, get a script to stop autoclimbing clientside. Techmically, because ito gives you no realn advantage and just takes away one of your pet peeves, it’s not cheating.

I don’t think it’s possible to have a no-autoclimb script, I’d have hunted for one if there were. I just resort to ducking to de-autoclimb.

No SMG? I like the way my P416 EOTech looks…

There’s no one’s yet, but after I figure how to make scripts work, I’ll make you one :slight_smile: