Aloha Clan

Hey, BarnOwl here!
I am deciding to join a clan and I thought that the aloha clan would be a good one to join. I don’t know if that is out of the question but I at least wan’t to make an application. I cant find it on the forums though, so i don’t know if you apply on these forums.

                                                                                                                                                    Thanks, BarnOwl

there is no actual “Aloha clan”. we sometimes do forum matches where us aloha administrators use the [Aloha] tag and play public matches but there is no actual aloha clan per se. if you’re looking to join an actual clan you’d have better luck checking the AoS forums as oppose to here.

Thanks! I was getting a little confused about that. You should really make a clan though, a lot of people would join!

It’s been brought up before. But Aloha is a community, not a clan.