Aloha Build Server Problem

When I play the new build server I have a lot of fun but sometimes there is no space for building because it is all taken. I suggest aloha put a timelimit on, Maybe for a few days, Maybe 5 days.

Thanks for reading

losing claim to your sector after so many days without building or destroying any blocks, i say 10 days, would be a great great feature

Someone griefed H3 ;_;

A couple things need worked out, Timi.

It’s possible before or during the whole process when /claim was being put in, that someone was able to build in your spot.

I believe that’s all fixed now. Hopefully no one can build in your spot again.

I don’t know if you guys forgot but the server is still the same. I’m sorry if I’m a pain or you guys are really busy at the moment but if you guys could restart the map that would be cool