Aloha Broken?

I’m in the game now, so no long description, but look:

Saw your video.
That’s very interesting; I was doing the same thing seconds later and the block came right off.

The only explanation I could find is that you weren’t close enough…

It’s odd, I’ve been playing babel for ages and have never seen this before. A few other players couldn’t destroy it either.

I originally thought one of the admins was screwing around, lol. However, I hopped out and back in and could destroy blocks again.

I’ve also seen a bug where if you go up a certain height you instantly “fall to your death”. This is also fixed by jumping out and in.

Green team won anyways, not too sure if it was worth 3 hours out of my life though, lol. I hate that map…

Oh, thought I’d add: Thanks go to the moderators. I saw several people banned, and even a griefer (stair blocker) was stopped in his tracks.

Thanks guys.

I’ve seen that a lot. I’m pretty sure it’s a lag issue where some of the blocks appear to be god blocks. It happens a lot on other servers but I’ve never seen it happen on babel before. Other than that, there’s basically nothing you can do about it. The bug is most likely client-side since other players will be able to destroy those blocks just fine. If it happens again it’s probably just an unlucky day :-\

Random death falling is also a lag issue caused by the fact that players are extremely spread out in babel and due to height lag which is client side I believe. When you’re on top of the tower and you randomly fall off and die its just a lag-port glitch and same as the god blocks there’s not much you can do.

Sorry 'bout that.

My ping on any aloha server is rarely above 80. (I’m only ~200 miles away from their servers).

Oh well, all is good.

Yeah it’s a bit of undetectable lag. I usually get around 54-78ms pings to American servers but this still happens once in a while. The block glitch sometimes happens on my own server hosted in my house where I get ~32ms ???

sounds like the map sync bug to me. it happens when the client map gets out of sync with the server map. the solution is to leave and rejoin the server.

The problem seems to be that this is happening quite frequently these days.