Aloha Ban Strategies

Can’t you make a script that censor the admin bans and kicks?
I mean, the ban and kicks popping up on the chat is a fucking big warn to the haxors and they just start to pretend that they aren’t hacking
I don’t know a shit about scripting, but if it’s possible, please consider to make that

this is an interesting idea orkmat, i have not thought about this but now that you say i realize that maybe sometimes the hackers do this
this could be good idea, but also it could annoy players sometimes because they want to see justice, if they report a player using the /admin feature they may want to see if the player does get banned or not, and if your idea happens then it would just say the player has disconnected, then you canot know if this is because he was hacking or because he chose to left
maybe this idea can be developed further because i see it can have downside as well as the upside you have described

I think the majority of hackers don’t notice the message or don’t know english but the messages that go out can be disabled (iirc) by changing some code in the server python files.

we can’t do this, but not for technical reasons; as a pure hypothetical, let’s say someone popped a screw loose and started banning players left and right. if the bans only showed up ingame as “<player> disconnected” without the “: <player> was banned.” message appearing before it, nobody would know those players were banned, simply that they were disconnected (or disconnected by choice, maybe). the way it is right now lets players know if/when something fishy is going on.

in a normal scenario, yes, the cheaters can simply deactivate their cheats and pretend that they’re playing legitimately, but only for a few minutes. put yourself into the mindset of a cheater! they’ll only want to go without those for a few minutes at a time, because it gives them an immediate advantage, and because people really like instant gratification they’re inclined to turn it on again sooner rather than later, so the staff member that’s online only has to wait a minute or two to catch them :slight_smile: and even if they did deactivate their cheats for longer, or even disconnected, what’s the real harm? the point of the staff is to moderate the servers, and whether or not that’s accomplished by banning the cheaters or simply making them chicken out, it doesn’t matter because the job got done!

…but as shy pointed out, the likelyhood of that happening is relatively low, and my own experiences line up with that pretty well.

Da MuffinMan hit the nail on the head.

and it feels good to ban the fuckers and see “shithead was banned.” and then players go “ty admin” :)))