aloha 1CTF 24/7 pinpoint server admins

Just letting you guys know that the admins on this server are pretty thuggish and tend to disrupt play more than any other players. The admin “tank” for example repeatedly cancels votekicks against abusive players and even unkicked one after the server kicked him because tank didn’t approve it. There are a lot of admins who are like hammers looking for nails. I was playing better than him so he accused me of aimbot and then muted me permanently. When a real aimbotter was disrupting the server he was being votekicked tank cancelled the vote because the aimbotter was on his team and he didn’t believe us.

The server is going fine until tank and a few other admins join and start acting like a group of thugs. They mute anyone who types anything long, and take away build ability from anyone who builds or digs something they don’t like. They are far worse than the breed of hackers and griefers that occasionally join and ruin the play regardless of whether they are watching. At least hackers and griefers can be kicked with votekick. Its pretty sad to watch such a great server get ruined by a bunch of griefers with admin powers who cant be votekicked. The votekick system is fine, no one needs these assholes.

Tank has been an admin for a long time, he was one of the first. i’ve never seen him do anything that would even suggest possible abuse. i even looked over your recent encounter with him and don’t see any wrongdoing on his part. he’s a good player too, so he knows what to look for when it comes to cheaters, especially aimbotters. if you think i’m overlooking something please be more specific.

as admins all we really try to do is keep the servers free from cheaters, griefers, and anyone else who’s set on ruining the experience for others. sometimes that means we have to make decisions on our own that we feel are best for the server as a whole.

i hate admin abuse, keeping the aloha servers free from it is one of the main reasons they exist in the first place. you said there are other disruptive admins - who else specifically? and how?