All Aloha servers are filled to the max!

It’s only been a week or so that the servers have been back up in good ole’ Las Vegas, and now all our servers, including the classicgen, have been filled to the brim. I have to say Reki’s words in response to advertising Aloha have actually came true. Maybe it’s all the GH players migrating to better servers, or it’s just the “Aloha magic.”

I would like to thank Izzy and all Aloha admins for making AoS such a better game. Hope to play again with all of you when I come back. :wink:

Yes, thank you izzy and Aloha admins. I’ve noticed this too. How did Reki advertise Aloha???


Just wait till we can get 64 slot servers. YA! pinpoint with 64 people.

It’s most likely going to not be free by then and the player count will drop.

woohoo! thank you everyone!

We didn’t do anything, you and all the admins did it. I guess we report players though.

I didn’t advertise jack.
Some guy was like, “Aloha’s empty as my hopes and dreams, and I want it to be full of friendship and magic. Should we advertise?” (paraphrased).
I responded thus, “They’ll come in a week, soon you’re going to be complaining that all the servers are full.”
One week later, some people are complaining that all the servers are full.

That’s true. Just check the rambling history.

Aloha gets plenty of word of mouth advertising. When people ask for good server suggestions it’s usually Aloha, Minit & GH before they dramabombed themselves.