11.50pm Tokyo Heavy metal server.

Akiwarrior is hacking. Looks like aimbot killing players accross the map with single shot handguns etc…

Many players saw it.

I left the server after that, kind of pointless really to stay on.

You should allow !Votekick btw!!!


thanks for reporting

are you sure that’s how his name is spelled? i can’t find any record of “Akiwarrior”

we tried a votekick plugin but it caused the servers to crash every hour so it had to be disabled. you’re right though, we should have it. i’ll look into getting it working again.

Sorry, maybe it was AkiraWarrior, not so sure now :frowning:
Thanks for looking into it. He had let by the time I got back in about 30 mins later.

Votekick wouldbe useful indeed. I find the community of players on the server is very good and would no doubt be good at policing a little bit this way as a temp measure before reporting to you guys for potential perm-ban.

Ahhh the joys of running/administrating servers :wink:

Good luck and thanks again.

ok found him, his name is aikiwarrior

57.1% on Cheat-O-Meter: http://www.team-des-fra.fr/html/cheat-analysis.php?p=aikiwarrior

definitely a cheater, and now banned from both of our servers. thanks again!

ah great, yeah that’s him, thanks.