Advice For People Who Want To Be Trusted

Some advice for people who want to be trusted. (incomplete)

  1. Be active in game. (Yes, play on the modes and don’t be active on only one server.)
  2. Be active in forums. (Don’t spam them though.)
  3. Be a model player. (Be nice and don’t be a jerk.)
  4. Be the person people want to be with. (If lots of people like you, the better chances you have for becoming trusted.)
  5. Be nice to staff. (This is a big most, if you are not, don’t ever expect trusted.)
  6. File reports and report anything which violates abuse reports. (It helps gain trust.)
  7. Take the time to know people. (If nobody knows you, you likely won’t get trusted.)
  8. Be reasonable. (Don’t be coreveth.)
  9. Be respectable. (If you’re respected by staff and players, it helps with gaining trusted.)


nah fuck all that. you all try too hard and take internet pixels too serious. do be a dick unless people deserve is sure, but I’m trusted and only qualify a few of those items on ur list…