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Is this a good suggestion?
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this would be a trusted/kamaaina only reports channel. sth to keep more sensitive reports to be out in the wild

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some reports could include exploits, server breaking stuff or sensitive ban appeal footage. things that would usualy end un in staff’s pms to avoid it apearing in the public chat and get abused as it’s basicaly a tutorial on how to do it or advert someoue he’s being whatched

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Hmm, I’m not sure. Couldn’t you post it under the retiree or kamaaina group here in on the forum?That would mean it’s those groups and above eyes only. And in Discord we could always make a separate thread in our shared channel?

I mean. that would do the trick. but ds is always better when it comes to how quickly someone would see it and act upon it. the idea of the thread is really good but I think it should be sth more permanent. under the same place. just separated. even under the main reports channel. just visible for kamaaina/staff/trusted

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