Admins - where are you???

If anyone is around, logon and take a look - certain players are wrecking the games during these hours, and need permabanning - sort it out asap please! Check logs, you can see who’s doing it…

hi, thanks for posting - you have our attention. can you please be more specific? bfbc2’s logs are pretty basic so the more information you provide the more helpful it is for us. do you have any names? what were they doing? i’m guessing this was on the tokyo server.

i want to take care of this so please get back to me. if you can’t remember their names look through tokyo’s chat log:

Hello - Sorry for not replying sooner, to be honest I really didn’t think this would be taken seriously. I think it’s your LA server actually. I’d rather not name names (although the clan KIDO needs a serious look), all I’m asking is that an admin logs in every now and then. I’ve stopped playing until things change, with 800+ tickets it’s too depressing seeing people statpad 1000’s of points and jump to the top. Good luck with the server!

i’d like to keep troublemakers filtered out but how can i do that not knowing who did what? i know of the KIDO clan but i haven’t seen any of them do anything that i would consider wrong. i wish you’d enlighten me.

i realize we don’t have enough admins right now to watch things all the time but our numbers are increasing so it will get better in time.

Hey everyone, I’ll keep my eyes open; usually drop in around 3 times a day.